Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Off to Bangkok!

Well, nine days before B joins our family for a year. Nine days! I have so much to do and get done before then but know it will all work out in the end. I just need to shift into high gear. All that, plus getting ready to go back to work and trying to switch t's schedule so he will start to take his milk in a cup. We're also introducing a new solids to him every three days. So, days and nights are busy. But enough about that. B left for Bangkok sometime today. It's quite a long trip and I think she goes by bus. So her last night with her family at the family home was last night. Her adventure has begun! After taking care of some licensing issues in Bangkok (she needs to have her driver's license translated into English so it's valid here in the States) and any other last minute purchases, she leaves for America. She'll have a layover in Seoul, South Korea before continuing on to New York for training and workshops. B met a friend and fellow Thai au pair a month back in some first aid training class in Bangkok. They will be traveling together on the same flights. I'm so happy she has someone to travel with on the long flights; it can be overwhelming and will be nice for her to have company. Next Friday she flies into our city and we'll pick her up at the airport in the afternoon. We're thinking maybe a nice Thai restaurant that night so she can have some comfort food from her homeland.

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