Friday, September 28, 2012

Mini Golf

B went on her au pair meeting for August (yes, I'm late on posting this) which was a round of mini golf and she had a lot of fun. It was her first time going mini golfing and it was cute because she asked if there were certain clothes she needed to wear. She remembered our vacation in Arizona when Josh had to adhere to a dress code to go golfing with his grandpa. I explained that mini golf was much different from regular golf.

of course she picked the pink ball!

standard pose for B

B with her mini golf team of au pairs

Thursday, September 27, 2012


B has had her fill (I'm sure since she knows nothing about the game) of football this year. She got to go to a pre-season Vikings football game and also one of J's 6th grade games. Although she doesn't know much about the game she still enjoys the atmosphere and people watching. Last year when she joined our family one of our first outings was going to the metrodome to watch J play in his playoff game. Unfortunately she won't be able to watch him play there again as he broke his collarbone one week ago today and she will be leaving us shortly. :(

Thursday, September 6, 2012


As you're aware we went to Skyzone for J's 12th birthday party and fun was had by all (until little man peed on me)! B had never experienced anything quite like this before and enjoyed jumping around although not for a very long time. I didn't get a chance to try - maybe next time!

Dodge ball

I love this photo of B

This one is super cute too

Her standard pose

Walking with Daddy

"Are you sure I can't get any of that candy?"

B and t