Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Big Bear

B couldn't take her giant bear to California with her (she would've had to buy a seat for it I think!) so she left it for little man to remember her by. I plan to print a photo and hang it by the bear in his room so he'll have a reminder of his friend B.

Friday, November 9, 2012

B's last day with t

This was last month already (can't believe she's been gone almost a full month) but the photos from the park on their last full day together make me happy. It looks warm and he's so happy. He loves his B and misses her so...as we all do.

Friday, October 19, 2012

We miss her already

Things are just weird without B. I know it will take some getting used to and it will be an adjustment for all but we really miss seeing her smiling face and her presence in our home. Little t has wandered into her room three times now and just stands in the middle of the room and looks around bewildered as the room has basically been deserted. The closet and desk and table all look abandoned. He's even walked into her closet and stood there for a bit. He's confused and it's hard to explain to such a young one what is going on. At first we said that she went bye bye but then I realized that I didn't want to associate that word with someone not coming back for a long time. So we've told him that she had to move away and is living with another family but we'll see her again when she visits us or we visit her. Any way you slice it, it's sad.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

One Year

It was one year ago that B arrived in the United States. She first went through au pair training outside of New York for several days but then flew to meet us just 5 days later. As it's her official year date of being in the U.S. it's her official last day with us to work. She is lucky and got a light day as little t went to his new school for transition time and was gone for 2 1/2 hours. I dropped him off with B just a short time ago and by now he'll be down for a three hour nap. I can't believe how fast the time has flown. We were so lucky to be able to welcome B into our home and our lives. Tomorrow at this time I'll be bringing her to the airport but it will not be goodbye, just farewell for now. We will see her again, time and place to be determined, but without a doubt we will see her again. Best of luck to B in her extension year in California - we love and will miss her. I have a few more blog entries in mind but overall they will mostly be coming to an end as we won't be having any adventures with our au pair anymore anytime soon. :-( BUT, when she visits or when we visit I will update everyone at those times.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Let the tears begin...

Today B left in the morning with her friend B who brought her to Duluth for the day to see Lake Superior and do some hiking at Gooseberry Falls. I was so happy she was going up there as it was one trip I wanted her to make and we just never got around to it. Time always gets away from us! She came to give J a hug and tell him goodbye as she won't be seeing him again before she leaves on Wednesday and she told him goodbye and to be good and it made me so sad that tears just immediately sprung to my eyes - I couldn't hold them in. I took little t in the kitchen as I didn't want to cry in front of her, J and her friend but they all saw anyway. I'm going to be a wreck on Wednesday when I bring her to the airport.

Bowling with B

Saturday was a day of fun for B. We went bowling in the morning. T promised $5 to whoever could beat him and even though he's really no better than any of us, he really was better than all of us and he didn't have to pay out any money for the two games with played. Afterward we went out for lunch and then had to get home to put little man down for a nap.

It's great now that he's on these almost 3 hour afternoon naps because I can get a lot more done than I used to be able to. We all pitched in and cleaned up the house (except J as his face was buried in the computer playing video games like normal). Around dinner time our family started to arrive for a going away party for B. My parents, brother R and his girlfriend S and my SIL and BIL and nephews all came over. My MIL and FIL are in Arizona for a bit so they had to miss and my other brother and his family are on a road trip out to Washington DC so they had to miss as well. We had lots of food and many drinks throughout the night. We played some cards (Black Jack and Texas Hold 'Em Poker) and just spent the evening talking and laughing with each other. It was a really great night and I'm so happy we were able to pull something together quickly for B (we weren't sure if anyone could make it as it seemed everyone had something going on initially when I asked) to send her off in style.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

ไข้ยัดไส้ [Stuffed Nutria’s Omelets]

This is the beginning of a very sad week - our last with B. The year has flown by and I can't believe our time with her is almost up. We are so grateful to have had B live in our home and become part of our family. She will forever hold a special place in our heart as she took such excellent care of our little man. B was always smiling and cheerful during her year. She had some rough times with things that happened back home in Thailand but got through them and is stronger for that. B is a funny girl with a great sense of humor and she really fit in well with me, T, J and little t. She also fit in well with our extended families. We will most definitely miss her and her smiling face (and her delicious cooking) but are thankful for the digital age which will make keeping in touch that much easier. And we look forward to the day our little family can pack up and travel to Thailand to visit her and meet her family and eat more Thai food.

Did I mention Thai food? Oh yes, twice. Well, last week B set about teaching me how to make one of my favorite dishes. It's basically an omelet with a twist. It's filled with pork, onions, carrots, tomato and various sauces and served over rice. Here are my step-by-step photos if you feel the inclination to try and make it at home. Or stop over and I'll make it for you!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

State Fair Part 2

B came with me and my family on our annual trip to the Great Minnesota Get Together - the MN State Fair. We went after lunchtime and stayed until it just started to get dark. Any later and I wouldn't have wanted to walk to my car alone so I was grateful we had each other to watch over us and little man. I wanted to park on the street in the neighborhood close by to save $13 or whatever it costs now to park at the fairgrounds. On my first drive through I couldn't find a spot so I decided to park in the fair lots. Unfortunately they wouldn't let me turn into them the direction I was going so we drove all the way around back to where we started from. I took the turn off into the neighborhood again and thought I'd pay to park in one of the areas that other people are offering for cheaper but by that time they were all full and luckily for us as I turned the corner there was an open spot! Closest I've ever gotten for free - major score on my part. We went in and met my family - mom, brothers, SIL and nieces. We visited the Luminarium (disappointment) and walked around doing and seeing many other things. My brother, SIL and their girls branched off from us to do some of their own family time and we met up with my aunt, cousin and her son and daughter. We went through the Miracle of Birth Center, down the giant slide and to Heritage Square. Mainly we just walked and walked and walked. There was a nice two hour break in the middle when it was hot and we all needed a rest (and t was napping) so we relaxed in what I've determined to be the only patch of undisturbed grass on the fairgrounds.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Last Au Pair Meeting in Minnesota

B attended her very last au pair meeting in Minnesota in September. The group went on a boat cruise in Stillwater on the St. Croix river. Her friend B drove her there and as they got there early they did a little sightseeing around Stillwater and she made him take her across the river into Wisconsin so she could get her photo taken by the welcome to Wisconsin sign. In addition to all the au pairs, B had the good fortune (joke) of being on the boat with a bunch of women from the Red Hat Society. She didn't care for the food served on board (not surprising as B only really likes Thai food and my spaghetti) but she said she ate a lot (also not surprising as B loves to eat)!

State Fair Parts 1 and 3

B got to go to the fair with her friend B - not once, but twice! They went the first weekend it was open and then again the following Friday to see a concert. She had fun at the midway but did NOT enjoy the ride she went on. Those rides at the State Fair midway are pretty intense. The one she went on made her cry because she was so scared. Poor girl. On her 2nd trip there with B she finally got the turkey leg she had been wanting although she didn't listen to me and get the best one ever from Turkey-to-go. She got one that was bigger and cheaper (although I'm sure not as tasty)! B also got some kettle corn from Heritage Square which reminded her of the popcorn in Thailand.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Mini Golf

B went on her au pair meeting for August (yes, I'm late on posting this) which was a round of mini golf and she had a lot of fun. It was her first time going mini golfing and it was cute because she asked if there were certain clothes she needed to wear. She remembered our vacation in Arizona when Josh had to adhere to a dress code to go golfing with his grandpa. I explained that mini golf was much different from regular golf.

of course she picked the pink ball!

standard pose for B

B with her mini golf team of au pairs

Thursday, September 27, 2012


B has had her fill (I'm sure since she knows nothing about the game) of football this year. She got to go to a pre-season Vikings football game and also one of J's 6th grade games. Although she doesn't know much about the game she still enjoys the atmosphere and people watching. Last year when she joined our family one of our first outings was going to the metrodome to watch J play in his playoff game. Unfortunately she won't be able to watch him play there again as he broke his collarbone one week ago today and she will be leaving us shortly. :(