Tuesday, October 9, 2012

State Fair Part 2

B came with me and my family on our annual trip to the Great Minnesota Get Together - the MN State Fair. We went after lunchtime and stayed until it just started to get dark. Any later and I wouldn't have wanted to walk to my car alone so I was grateful we had each other to watch over us and little man. I wanted to park on the street in the neighborhood close by to save $13 or whatever it costs now to park at the fairgrounds. On my first drive through I couldn't find a spot so I decided to park in the fair lots. Unfortunately they wouldn't let me turn into them the direction I was going so we drove all the way around back to where we started from. I took the turn off into the neighborhood again and thought I'd pay to park in one of the areas that other people are offering for cheaper but by that time they were all full and luckily for us as I turned the corner there was an open spot! Closest I've ever gotten for free - major score on my part. We went in and met my family - mom, brothers, SIL and nieces. We visited the Luminarium (disappointment) and walked around doing and seeing many other things. My brother, SIL and their girls branched off from us to do some of their own family time and we met up with my aunt, cousin and her son and daughter. We went through the Miracle of Birth Center, down the giant slide and to Heritage Square. Mainly we just walked and walked and walked. There was a nice two hour break in the middle when it was hot and we all needed a rest (and t was napping) so we relaxed in what I've determined to be the only patch of undisturbed grass on the fairgrounds.

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