Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bowling with B

Saturday was a day of fun for B. We went bowling in the morning. T promised $5 to whoever could beat him and even though he's really no better than any of us, he really was better than all of us and he didn't have to pay out any money for the two games with played. Afterward we went out for lunch and then had to get home to put little man down for a nap.

It's great now that he's on these almost 3 hour afternoon naps because I can get a lot more done than I used to be able to. We all pitched in and cleaned up the house (except J as his face was buried in the computer playing video games like normal). Around dinner time our family started to arrive for a going away party for B. My parents, brother R and his girlfriend S and my SIL and BIL and nephews all came over. My MIL and FIL are in Arizona for a bit so they had to miss and my other brother and his family are on a road trip out to Washington DC so they had to miss as well. We had lots of food and many drinks throughout the night. We played some cards (Black Jack and Texas Hold 'Em Poker) and just spent the evening talking and laughing with each other. It was a really great night and I'm so happy we were able to pull something together quickly for B (we weren't sure if anyone could make it as it seemed everyone had something going on initially when I asked) to send her off in style.

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