Sunday, October 16, 2011

Coming to America

We were a bit worried last night after reading about the "worst flood in Thailand's history". We were/are concerned for B's safety. We spoke with our agency. Unfortunately there was nothing for us to do but wait and see. But it appears everything is okay. Her flight is on time and she should be taking off NOW! First stop, Seoul, South Korea for a three hour layover and plane change. Then it's off to NewYork for a few days of grainy, workshops, bonding with other au pairs and sightseeing. Friday she'll be flying into our city. We hope J can come with us to the airport. My mom will stay with t. We decided to order in from a Thai place down the street so B has time to relax, unwind and get settled. T and I might try it out today and see what we think. We are hoping for safe and comfortable travels for B and no problems!

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