Saturday, October 22, 2011

It has begun!

Yesterday we picked up B at the airport. She was waiting at baggage claim with her roommate from the au pair school who was from Chile. She took a photo of us all together but on B's camera so I will have to get it from her and post it. We had a great night getting to know one another. J and her get along great and t has nothing but smiles for her. That makes us feel so great. She is such a friendly, out-going and sweet girl. J taught her how to play the Wii and today she made a Thai candy/cake for us and J helped out. It's finishing setting right now and we can't wait to try this coconut flavored treat! I took her to United Noodles, a local Asian supermarket, to stock up on some comfort food from home so she has plenty to eat once I go back to work. I could spend hours exploring in that store. So far, so good!

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