Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cinema and more!

B has gotten out to two movies in two days with some new friends! A friend of a friend is here on vacation (she was an au pair in New York for two years) visiting her boyfriend (hoping to move here). There is another friend of a friend who was an au pair in Texas for some teenagers who decided they were too old for an au pair (duh!) and so she was transferred to Minnesota to care for twins around little t's age. B spent Christmas day the day after with these friends. They went to Minnehaha Falls, Como Zoo, a Chinese/Korean buffet and then to see a movie. She informed me that the popcorn in Thailand is sweet, very different than the popcorn here in America. And she ended up with a very large bottle of water! She was surprised by how expensive the movie was and also that there were not assigned seats in the theater as there are in Thailand. Monday afternoon she went out to the movies again and then to a Thai restaurant in downtown Minneapolis called Kindee which means "It's good" although she said it wasn't very good - her cooking is better! - and there were all American workers there. She also went to see Santa and ran into a couple and their young baby from Laos. She got so excited she started speaking Laos and they mistook her for a girl from Laos. She had to explain that she is from Thailand but very near Laos which is why she knows some of the language. We are very happy she is getting out with some people her own age, in addition to the au pair meetings that she attends once a month. She might spend New Year's Eve with them as well at a party which would be a lot more fun than just sitting around home with us! Who knows, maybe she'll meet a cute American boy to kiss at midnight. :-)

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