Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas in America

We had fun exposing B to Christmas in America this year. She got spoiled with all kinds of goodies - nut rolls (her favorite), Minnesota shirt, sweatshirt and ornament, Vikings shirt, Victoria Secret "Love Pink" sweatshirt, snow globe, lottery tickets and more. She was even able to surprise us all with photo collages she made for us. Each of the boys got one which we hung in their rooms and T and I got a framed one that we put on a shelf in the living room. She is so sweet and thoughtful, we just love her! I think she had fun coming to our respective families' homes for the holiday. I know our nephew C is totally smitten with her. He just smiles and lights up and runs to her for hugs. It is the cutest thing. Little t is the same way when he sees her - always a smile on his face.

Snow globe

Minnesota shirt in her favorite color

With little man and the bear in underwear

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