Friday, November 18, 2011

Host Family

B has been talking to me about some of her au pair friends that she met at school in New York her first week here. Two of them are not in a good match with their host families and are pretty miserable. It sounds like one of the girls might have to go back to Germany because she wasn't able to find a rematch. Another girl, B's roommate at school who is also placed in Minnesota, has a couple weeks to find a rematch. It's quite sad for B to hear this from her friends. Especially since she has had a good experience and really likes us (and we really like her as well!) so it's harder to understand what they are going through. We realize how important it is to really get a feel for your future au pair through lots of contact prior to the selection process. A phone call, video chat (which is what we did - very helpful especially when there is a language barrier), instant messaging and lots of emails will do wonders when finding a match.

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  1. You guys are very lucky and did things right. Never cease to amaze me!