Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Busy days...and nights!

B has been busy these last couple days. The little man keeps her busy all day long and then we've had things going on in the evenings as well. She went with T to watch J play basketball Monday night. Of course she took a photo of J doing the "I'm good looking" hand gesture he learned from photos of B's younger brother and his friends (in Thailand) who are the same age as J.

Then last night T went alone to watch him play basketball while B and I bundled up the little man and went downtown to MCTC's open house to see about classes/credits she needs to complete the education component of her cultural exchange. Unfortunately, she missed the deadline for the semester starting in January but the first woman we talked to was very informed about international students and was able to get away from the open house and talk to us in her office about enrollment and other options from Hennepin Tech - weekend courses that would fulfill everything. So we came away informed. I was excited to get home earlier than expected and get on with the night but of course I took a wrong turn and ended up going the opposite direction on the freeway in the special lane for carpoolers and couldn't exit and when I did exit I couldn't get back on in the other direction. Then when I finally got turned around it happened all over again only then I was going in another direction. It took about a half hour to finally get back to where we needed to go to get home. Oh well, live and learn! I think we're all looking forward to a night at home doing absolutely nothing.

But days will stay busier than normal for B because now instead of just taking care of little t, she will be watching J too. He will be with us through the weekend since he doesn't have school and his mom and stepdad are on a trip.

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