Friday, August 10, 2012

Drive Time

B hasn't spent much time driving in America. She has her international license but since she's been watching such a little guy there hasn't been much opportunity for her to get out and about in the car. She loves to walk so she takes him on stroller rides where ever they go. B drove with her friend B a couple times but has never driven our car. Friends always pick her up and that just got easy. Now that she's in the process of finding a new family for her extension year she's finding that many other families want or require her to drive and so she's a little nervous. Last night we went to the grocery store and I had her drive. I figured if she and I could go out a few nights a week for practice driving and parking she'd start to feel more comfortable and this wouldn't hold her back from finding a new family. It would be a shame if she'd feel the need to turn a potentially great family away because she was too nervous to drive. She did GREAT! B is definitely on the cautious side and tends to drive a little slower (which is the case with most nervous or cautious drivers) but I explained that it's important to keep up with the speed of traffic because if you're going to slow it can be a cause of an accident, just like if you're going too fast. We're going to go practice parking next as that was the one thing she had a little trouble with. We'll have to set up some saw horses to practice parallel parking and she can just use the lines in the empty parking lot to practice parking slots.

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