Thursday, July 26, 2012

Monthly Au Pair Meeting

B had her monthly au pair meeting at the Como Zoo. It was a scavenger hunt. She had a lot of fun but admitted that she cheated when asked to find the Minnesota flag. HA! Oh well. Now she knows. She won a great smelling candle from "Life is Good" but I think was hoping for something else. Her name got drawn toward the bottom though so there wasn't much to pick from. B was a little disappointed with the sleeveless green shirts they handed out for the day. In Thailand they are a bit more modest that Americans or Europeans and don't usually bare their shoulders so she put it over her t-shirt which was red and the neon green clashed a little. Okay, a lot. The boys all got regular t-shirts so she tried to trade. She wondered why they hadn't gotten regular t-shirts for all of them but she made the best of it.

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