Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter weekend

It was B's first time celebrating Easter. I had a hard time trying to explain to her what Easter was as it's become quite commercialized with the Easter bunny. We are not religious people but still celebrate with our families. She finally understood what it was after my mom asked if she celebrates Easter in Thailand and I had to explain to her that she's Buddist so they don't celebrate Easter. That was B's "a-ha" moment where she related it to Christianity. Friday night she went out with her "friend" B (I say he's her "boyfriend" but she says he's only "friend to be boy" which I believe she means he is just a boy who is her friend but for only a friend they spend an awful lot of time together!) to a party. Saturday she came with me to visit my family in Rochester and Sunday she came with us to visit T's family here in the cities. It was a nice weekend. We always enjoy spending time with our families and wish we could see them more often.

Playing an instrument at her party Friday night
Bloomin' Onion Bread
Carrot Cake
Easter Sunday meal

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