Friday, April 27, 2012

Baby Shower

Last weekend B went to her LCC's baby shower and monthly au pair meeting. A little over a month ago, S and her husband adopted F, an absolutely adorable little boy. When the invite came for the shower B was a little confused. She had never been to a baby shower before and the word "shower" to her (and most people) means to clean yourself in the bathtub. So you can understand the confusion. I explained to her that in America people have parties to celebrate the coming of a new baby. I told her that they call it a shower because you "shower" the parents and baby with gifts. Not sure if she totally understood the use of the word but she got the idea and had a lot of fun at the shower. B loves babies and F is a hard one not to love. He has the most pinch-able cheeks!

As you know, B loves taking photos of food
Gift for baby F
Momma S, Baby F and B
Cute little jammies (it seems like only yesterday little t fit into clothing that size!)
B, O (an au pair from Europe) and Baby F

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