Saturday, February 11, 2012

Winter Sledding Fun

Last night was B's monthly au pair get together. The group went sledding and J and I got to come along. We got lost on the way there and arrived about a half hour late but since it was so cold out that was okay as I don't think we could've lasted a full two hours outside sledding. We got bundled up (B didn't want to bring along a coat but I made her. I also made her put a sweatshirt on over her t-shirt. She was happy I did!) and hit the hills. Unfortunately there is no snow on the ground and so we had to sled on man-made snow only which was very hard and slippery and the edges of the lanes were pure rock solid ice and looked pretty dangerous if you were to fall out and/or hit your head. Luckily for us that didn't happen although on our 2nd to last run I almost tipped over and we were going FAST! So thankful I didn't. J did have a collision about half way through. He was on his tube at the bottom of the run and facing away from the hills. A group of two tubers came barreling down and ran into him and his head got hit with the other guys head. It hurt enough to go in and rest for a bit but after a slice of pizza, nachos, drinks and brownies we braved the hills to go down a few more times before they closed for the night. I think all in all we only went down eight times (I figured that to be $1.50 per ride, per person) but it was a lot of fun. Scary but fun.

Pre-sledding photo


Riding up the hill

Warming up the cold, red cheeks in the warming house

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