Sunday, February 26, 2012

Valentine's Day

This is a couple weeks late so I apologize; life has been busy!

B had a date for Valentine's Day. J and I helped her pick out a good card at Target but she wasn't happy with the photo that was on the front. She wanted a picture of a panda and a gorilla because those are their nicknames for each other (how cute is that?) so I let her be an art director and I made a new picture for the front of the card. It said "Crazy Gorilla" and "Lovely Panda" next to some cartoon images of the animals. It turned out very cute.

B got some beautiful orchids for Valentine's Day! She thought if boys like you they get you roses but I explained that orchids are much better - everyone gets roses. But she did get a chocolate rose, a pillow that spelled out LOVE and free dinner. She played a little prank on B - hid them when he came to pick her up and told him the flowers never came. He said she did it with such a straight face and she's too good a liar.

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