Friday, August 5, 2011

Getting the Ball Rolling

Things have been moving pretty quickly. We had a call the day after we submitted our application to set up an interview and home visit already with our local coordinator! We set that about a week out so we could discuss further with each other if this was really something we wanted to pursue. We also wanted to talk to my husband's son J to get his input. (He thought it was weird at first but warmed up to the idea after telling him if things went well, we may be able to visit our future au pair in her homeland. That led to more research and talks about countries that interested us. More on that later.) But before we could do that they placed a "match" in our account to review. She was from Brazil (one of the countries we initially expressed interest in) and seemed to be a good match. They want us to contact her within a few days but we are in no way ready or prepared to do that yet. We want to first have our home visit, decide whether or not we are going to go through with this and THEN start reviewing girls' profiles and contacting those that are of interest. So we will hold off on that for now. to clean the house so we can make a good impression!

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