Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Next Steps

The home visit went well. Now we need to take the next steps even though we are still on the fence as to what to do. I have a few appointments set up next week at a daycare and Montessori and think I'll get a better feel for things after that. But we want to keep the application process going so I put T in charge of writing our host letter. Basically this tells about our family, kids, pets, lifestyle, city we live in, work schedule, hobbies, hopes for the au pair, etc. While he does that, I will find some photos we can add to the application. These are things our prospective au pairs will be able to view to see if they are interested in us as a family.

We also asked for a few more girls to be added to our account to review. We are interested in South America and Thailand. The girls tend to be older and hopefully a little more mature as well as very family orientated which we like. We want to review several applications before deciding who to contact. Since there will be infant care involved, the au pairs must have 200 hours of prior infant care complete so that is reassuring. Also, we are hoping for someone who is comfortable in the water, if not a strong swimmer as we spend a lot of time at the lake and pool in the summer. They also need to be comfortable with big dogs as we have one large lovable Weimaraner!

Out of the four girls we considered, there are two we are interested in. They are both from Thailand. Now we need to get in touch with them - first via email. They are 12 hours ahead of us so we need to schedule a video chat and that could get a little tricky, trying to work around ours and the baby's schedule and their schedule. We'll keep you posted.

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