Monday, June 25, 2012

Whatsa Cabin

B finally came up to the cabin for her first time a little over a week ago. It was a tight squeeze in the car (we had to borrow my FIL's vehicle) to fit me, T, t, J, B and P but we made it work. The weather on Saturday was touch and go with rain, then sun, then storms, then sun, then get the picture. I used to it to my full advantage to take a nap when t took his nap. The others played Monopoly City. J, T and B shot targets with BB guns and went for a boat ride. Little man and I played outside and just chilled. On the way home B told me she had been a little homesick for Thailand (for the first time I think!) because she lives in a remote area and our cabin is in a remote area. We're happy she had fun with us and looking forward to the next time she can come up with us to have fun in the sun!

Eating at the Drive-In on the way up (and getting eaten alive by mosquitoes!)
Minnow Jim's hats
Nature walk (we saw a turtle, a chipmunk and a bunny on this one)
First boat ride on Nelson Lake
Me and my boys
Skol Vikes! (in Packer territory)
Shooting BB guns
B and t
Playing Monopoly

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