Friday, May 18, 2012

Visiting au pair from Poland/Iowa

Last weekend we headed up to the cabin but B stayed behind because she had her an au pair friend visit for the weekend. B met A while they were in au pair school in New York and became fast friends. B called A her "translator" because her English was so very good and she could understand B and help her to understand others. A is from Poland and lives for the year with her host family in Iowa City. She takes care of four children. Two girls (I think 3 1/2 and 5 or maybe 7, I forget) and two boys (10 and 12). They've been in school the entire time she's been here so I think she was getting a little nervous for summer break to be coming. A is a very sweet girl; she brought us some cookies and popcorn! She left Iowa City on Thursday night and had to change buses a few hours into the trip. She arrived in Minneapolis around 5am on Friday morning and walked around and then took a bus to the general vicinity of our home and walked several blocks to get there. (It's too bad she couldn't figure out the bus stop that just down the corner from our house!) A spent the day with B and t and they had lots of fun playing with him. After we left Friday evening for the cabin, her and B had a fun-filled weekend full of bowling, shopping at the MOA, visiting the sculpture garden and more. We would welcome A in our home anytime.

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