Monday, March 19, 2012

Arizona - Part 2

The second part of the trip for B brought her to the Grand Canyon. It's been a dream of hers for a long time to see it so we had to figure out a way for her to go. She studied it in Thailand at the University. Luckily while in New York for school in October (mandatory au pair training prior to coming to live with us) she met an au pair from Mexico that became a good friend. This friend just happens to live in Flagstaff. We purchased a Greyhound bus ticket non-stop (2 1/2 hours) to Flagstaff and T and I dropped her off Friday evening at the station. Her friend picked her up at the station in Flagstaff and she spent Friday and Saturday night with her friend and her host family. Saturday they took a day trip to the Grand Canyon (1 1/2 hours). While there someone broke into the girls' car and stole a laptop. The last site visited was a bank site and they transferred $2000 out of the account! I'm not sure if it was the au pair's account or her host family's but either way it put a damper on their trip. B spent an hour walking around and exploring on her own while her friend was on the phone trying to deal with the laptop situation. We picked up B on Sunday - she was home sick for us (how sweet; she missed little t) and she enjoyed a relaxing evening with us before packing up to head home Monday morning. We had a great trip and are so glad that B was able to come with us and see another part of the country.

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