Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ice Skating with Au Pairs

The au pairs had their monthly meeting yesterday and all the girls (and guy) plus some of their "kids" got to go ice skating. Two groups got together for this meeting and I think everyone had a good time. It was cold out (brrr!) and B thought they'd be skating indoors so she wasn't going to bring a jacket but I was able to convey to her that it was outside and she should dress warmly. However, she braved the cold and skated without it so she could show off her cute skirt! It took us awhile to explain what ice skating was. She kept thinking they were going skiing. But when we told her it was like hockey she finally understood. That's why she thought it'd be indoors...because hockey is! Naturally she had never been before yesterday. The other girls (and guy) helped her but she said it was pretty hard. I'm guessing she fell down at least once!

B is cute, we love her!

B with one of her au pair friends

B with the only guy in the group

B with some of the girl au pairs

B with her LCC - a former au pair from Germany!

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